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Since it's difficult to remember all the details of central heating problems and gas boiler problems we deal with, we decided to keep this log of some of the problems and how we've attempted to sort them out. Putting this information online allows other people to look for clues and ideas. We’re still struggling to find time to bring this site up to date, but we live in hope.

Too often gas service engineers and central heating engineers lack backup and support and we find ourselves trying to re-invent the wheel. That's particularly true for small companies. Boiler manufacturers' technical advice departments can be very helpful but they can also be patronizing and often take some time to answer. Where we get really good service from tech advice departments I'll try to report it.

We’re past the Spring equinox now and the days are longer than the nights again! Personally, I’m looking forward to Spring even though it wasn’t much of a winter. Most of us still haven’t seen any consistent periods of very cold weather which is good for the general public but not so good for heating engineers! It would be wonderful if we were coming to the end of this recession but the rest of Europe still seems very gloomy economically. For now we’ve got to put up with a few more weeks of electioneering nonsense, with immigrants and the NHS being used as political footballs. It seems to me that most immigrants and almost all employees in the NHS work really hard. Maybe it’s time to get back to doing what we do, really well, and celebrate it when we see it! From time to time we come across really beautiful work, or receive great service from people or companies, especially from the NHS, so when it happens let’s express our appreciation!

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There are lots of skilled people out there and we'd like your ideas. If we've got something wrong or you can improve on what we've done please contact us. Or if you've sorted out problems and want to share how, we'll be happy to add your ideas.

We'll add information as we have time.  You can email me:

We're sorry but we can't deal with individual queries about boiler and heating problems at the moment. We just haven't enough time. We're thinking about the possibility of running a forum in the future though, where individual questions can be posted, but we're not there yet!

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Lovekin believe in good work. To be good work it must be good for all parties; good for the company, in that it must be profitable; good for the staff who work for the company; good for the customer, providing high quality work and excellent service. In our sector, central heating and gas boiler servicing and installation, we’re developing a reputation as a very unusual company.

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The information provided on this web site  is given in good faith and is only an indication of what we have tried in an effort to resolve heating and boiler problems and our understanding of the theory. You must make your own judgements and we can accept no liability for any damage or injury sustained as a result of trying what we have tried, nor can we accept any liability arising out of misleading, incomplete or incorrect information on this site.

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