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Since it's difficult to remember all the details of central heating problems and gas boiler problems we deal with, we decided to keep this log of some of the problems and how we've attempted to sort them out. Putting this information online allows other people to look for clues and ideas. Too often gas service engineers and central heating engineers lack backup and support and we find ourselves trying to re-invent the wheel. That's particularly true for small companies.

There are lots of skilled people out there and we'd like your ideas. If we've got something wrong or you can improve on what we've done please contact us. Or if you've sorted out problems and want to share how, we may be able to add your ideas. I’m Paul and you can email me:

We're sorry we can't deal with individual queries about boiler and heating problems. We just haven't enough time. We're thinking about the possibility of running a forum in the future though, where individual questions can be posted, but we're not there yet!

Central heating problems and gas boiler faults — home page

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What's new...

Boiler fired up when there was no demand from the programmer, sometimes in the middle of the night    read more

Call out to a pressure relief safety valve letting by    read more

Potterton Suprima 40 with Siemens PCB locked out with very slow red flash, 3 seconds on, 1 second off    read more

Radiator balancing – the easy way. How we balance radiators in central heating systems   read more

Radiator valves; wheelhead and lockshield manual radiator valves and TRVs. We're working on this page.  read more

Combi boiler plate heat exchanger problems – Secondary heat exchanger faults   read more

Frozen condensate pipe? Boiler gurgling? Potterton or Baxi E133 error code? Worcester AE, D5 fault codes?   read more

High efficiency gas and oil boilers – what gross and net efficiency mean   read more

Changes in sealed heating system pressure? Combi boiler pressure dropping? Faulty expansion vessel?  read more

Glow-worm Micron 30FF failed with both lights flashing alternately. Also applies to other Micron FF boilers  read more

Potterton Suprima 60L, Siemens PCB locks out, diagnostic light flashes red 3 times a second. Pump problem  read more

Glow-worm Ultracom hxi boiler showing F1 fault code. Also applies to BG 330 boiler fault   read more

Boiler runs even when programmer off. Honeywell motorised valve fault. Email sent by D.S.   read more

Potterton Suprima new Siemens PCB giving problems, won’t run circulating pump. Email sent to us by A.R.  read more

Potterton Suprima boiler locking out, flashing red 3 times per second (newer Siemens PCB)  read more

Potterton Prima 80F boiler with fan fault, PCB fault and air pressure switch fault  read more

Potterton Profile 50e boiler fan cycles on and off but won’t go to ignition  read more

More articles below…

Radiator balancing        Radiator valves        System pressure problems        Honeywell valve problems

Baxi Solo problems       Potterton Puma problems       Suprima problems       Worcester combi fault

More articles...

Baxi Solo 350 PFL boiler where the pump runs on indefinitely. Circuit board fault  read more

Baxi Bermuda 551 back boiler burner makes a roaring noise. Caused by a rusted burner  read more

Baxi Bermuda 552 back boiler burner makes a roaring noise. Caused by the gas valve  read more

Baxi Bermuda 552 pilot holds but gas valve locks out a few seconds after the main burner opens.  read more

Big changes in sealed heating system pressure? Combi boiler pressure dropping? Faulty expansion vessel?  read more

Baxi Solo 2 80 PF boiler runs only intermittently  read more

Potterton Suprima circuit board fails with no lights showing at all  read more

Robinson Willey Firegem Visa 2 gas fire. Shuts down after a few minutes  read more

Worcester 28i Junior combi boiler. Won't fire for hot tap water after street water main repair  read more

Baxi Solo 2 50 PF boiler. Won't go to ignition. Fan cycles rapidly on and off more than once per second  read more

Baxi Solo 3 60 PF boiler. Lights pilot only. Won't go to main burner  read more

Honeywell V4043H zone valve (2 port valve). Hot water would not heat unless the radiator heating was on too  read more

Potterton Suprima 80 boiler repeatedly locking out then would not reset  read more

Potterton Puma 80e combination boiler locking out and losing pressure  read more

Potterton Suprima 60 boiler locking out after 3 ignition attempts. Ignition lead fault  read more

Baxi 100 HE boiler locking out intermittently  read more

Ideal E Type boiler. Pilot present but boiler won't fire  read more

Ideal Isar HE24 combination boiler with insufficiently hot water  read more

Vokera Mynute 14SE boiler not firing consistently and making strange noises  read more

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